When it comes to banning people, some admin trolls on the communities may hide the block logs, RC entries and the blocklist to ensure no-one else knows what users they're blocking if their making the wikia private by blocking everyone from the wikia or using a very rude reason to ban people. There are ways to reveal what the admin is blocking when there are no viewable block entries and lists around.

Here are some methods to find out what users the admin is blocking when you don't see any of those:

Logs hidden by CSS

Wikia without block logs
Wikia Block logs revealed

If you see that the logs are hidden by the abusive administrator, use these methods below to reveal them.

Method 1

Add the ?usesitecss=0 at the end of the url address after Special:Log/block, Special:RecentChanges or Special:Blocklist.

Method 2

Install a "CSS Reloader" extension from a source like Chrome Web Store or another that supports your browser you are using. After that, right click on the page that has those entries hidden and click "Reload CSS".

Next things to do

After you have done these things, find what CSS pages contain the codes that violate the Customization Policy to disallow others to view the records. The elements are the following:
  • Ask any available admins to help resolve the issue by unhiding the logs and undoing the blocks the disruptive admin made.
  • If you are an admin, edit the CSS that has these codes that need to be removed.
  • Contact staff for help if no-one's around to help.