On the Undertale AU Wikia, the main bureaucrat should be stripped of his rights.

Reasons as follow:

  • He can't be a leader, unlike me. In 2 groups, I lead over 12,000 people.
  • He's not exactly the nicest person ever.
  • He doesn't give the 2 that truly deserve bureaucrat rights (1WikiConstructionTemmie1 and Createsans) the rights.
  • I'm a good editor, and WikiConstructionTemmie edits faster than Sonic.
  • He never actually does anything.

Things this bureaucrat does

  • They suppress opinions they don’t like, e.g. by deleting discussions and blocking users who criticize them
  • They refuse to talk about what they could be doing better
  • They set unreasonable rules for other users but don’t stick to the rules themselves
  • They create a hostile, unproductive atmosphere on the wikia (I'm sure as hell hostile)

What I'm ganna do

Make a votey thingy on my blog there. He blocks me, I'll lift the block. Simple easy peasy. He domotes me, I'm ganna come whine here like a little girl.