Here is some art I made. Some of the art is fan art for PMC members. Take a look...

Picture 164

Chess pawn :\

Picture 165

My adorable cat, Sophie :D

Picture 175

A sketch of the view of the Spanish Peaks in Pueblo, CO.

Picture 167

An uncolored Pikachu.

Picture 168

A colored Pikachu.

Picture 169

My PMC OC, Darth Creeper, wielding his lightsaber.

Picture 170

Fanart for theVoid13 on PMC.

Picture 171

Fanart for LIL_Danica on PMC.

Picture 174

Fanart for _Rin_Kagamine_ on PMC.

Picture 180

Requested fanart of TheRoboNugget on PMC.

Picture 181

Requested art of Dyanmorix on PMC.

Now for some extras!

Picture 173

What Darth Creeper's lightsaber looks like! (Yes, that's Darth Maul's lightsaber as well...)

Picture 176

My little Creeper plush :)

Picture 177

My adorable Pikachu plush :)

That's all for now, folks! To contact me, just PM me on PMC. (This requires a PMC account. If you don't have one, then get one. It's free.)