Sidenote: I just wanted to say that none of the artwork shown here is mine. All credit goes to Smiley from Devianart.

1. Orugoh region

The orugoh region by smileyfakemon-d561v9u

Orugoh Map

The Orugoh region, is a region that was created by Smiley from Devianart. All of the drawings

rightfully belong to Smiley. But this is the story...

2. Characters

Custom trainer sprites by theblackhex-d3e67eo

Trainer Sprites for Orugoh region.

By the way these sprites would be in 3D.These are the Trainer Sprites in the Orugoh Region or Pokemon Topaz and Lapis. The male character is on the right resembling somwhat of a Red from pokemon adventures feel. The middle Character is the female version who resembles a blond hair 11 year old girl. The last person is your rival. He will constantly bother you throughout your adventures. The beggining of the story has you in a dream fighting the Banished Pokemon, Osorochi. You're father's Fuirell will wake you up and your dad will tell you to go check on your brother. Your brother's name is Tony and he's jealous of you getting a pokemon over him. You tell him to calm down. Then you meet Pro. Acacia who says "Good morning lad!" He see's your brothers anguish and decides to give him a pokemon. He gets the Pokemon  thats weak against you. Suddenly your rival comes in and says "Hi guy's sorry im late, I thought I saw something under a truck!"  He then picks the last pokemon and you two battle!

3. Pokemon/Features

The three starter pokemon are: Dillom the Spore Pokemon, Dynamouse the Fuse Pokemon, and Basislil the float pokemon. Whatever starter you choose, for example lets say Basilil, you're brother will pick Dynamouse and your rival will pick Dillow.

Here are some features: Walk with Pokemon, Pokemon refresh, Super Training, Secret base, Pokemon pelago, and a new feature Legendary Battle Genesis. Legendary Battle Genesis is a feature that allows you to battle tons of legendary Pokemon and catch them. You also get rewarded for how many you catch if you catch one you get 100,000 Pokedollars, if you catch 5 you get 500,000 Pokedollars, and if you catch 10, you get 1,000,000 Pokedollars. But thats it for the first update guys and I'll see ya later! Peace!!


Dynamouse the fuse Pokemon. Type:Fire Ability: Blaze/ Protein


Basilil the float Pokemon. Type: Water. Ability: Torrent/ Truant


Dillom the Spore Pokemon. Type: Grass. Ability: Overgrow/ Spore