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  • Crucially

    Our Iowa datacenter is going to be taken offline for maintenance tomorrow morning (Saturday 10 April 2010) between 6 AM GMT and 8 AM GMT. You will still be able to edit normally during this time, but some users may notice slower loading times.

    The reason for the maintenance is that our ISP is working on their fiber links and will briefly be unavailable. We will route traffic to our San Jose and London datacenters to keep the site running while the work is done.



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  • Crucially

    Hi, we have to reboot a router in our San Jose datacenter. We have redundant network connections but we haven't tested failover properly yet. We are rerouting the traffic to Iowa during the interruption, Iowa will continue to send traffic to San Jose unless something happens. If the worst happens the site will go read-only automatically during the reboot time.

    Thanks, Artur

    --- UPDATE ---

    All clear! Restart went well.

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  • Crucially

    Iowa datacenter test

    November 10, 2009 by Crucially

    Update: The second part of this test will be tonight (Monday 23 November) at 11pm EST. This involves physically disconnecting the main datacenter, so there will be a short time of unavailability for some users until the Iowa datacenter takes over. Once Iowa is serving all pages the site will be read-only until the test is over. Thanks for your patience with this essential testing!

    Our Iowa datacenter is nearing completion for automatic failover. To test this ahead of time we are going to do a controlled failover to Iowa at 11:55 PM PST on Wednesday. Since Iowa is a backup, it is configured as read-only, meaning you will not be able to edit anything. All pages should however render correctly.

    What we are going to do is, in a controlled en…

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  • Crucially

    This past Sunday at around 6:00 pm PST (GMT -8), Wikia suffered the worst kind of outage. Our network completely died in San Jose and we stopped being able to serve pages -- kind of. First some background;

    Wikia has four data centers. Three data centers are currently involved in serving traffic: Our primary in San Jose (SJC), our backup in Iowa, and a cache node in London (LON). We use a DNS service from Dynect for our Global Load Balancing (GLB). The GLB will return the IP of the closest data center when you lookup This is used for failover if a data center goes down, and for performance, routing users to the closest data center. London makes anonymous page access in Europe about three to six times faster than fetching the…

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  • Crucially

    Due the to datacenter outage last week our ISP is going to be conducting some maintenance for "network improvements, systems testing, and network failover testing". For us that means we will be rerouting traffic from Iowa to our London and our San Jose datacenters between 11 PM CST to 2 AM CST (4 AM GMT to 7 AM GMT) tonight (Monday 10th - Tuesday 11th). For users there should be no downtime though pages might load a little bit slower. The one exception is the wiki dumps that are hosted in Iowa and will be intermittently unavailable.

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