Oh my goodness, I just finished Merlin. I literally screamed  at my TV when I saw that idiotic ending lik ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME A BUS A DANG BUS YOU PRAT!!! I was so mad, because its just so stupid!!!! And a bit evil too, saying that Merlin has waited all that time for Arthur and he still hasn't come back! I also think that the whole episode was a bit rushed, like Morgana dying, that should've been a longer event. The whole thing was just a mess. And, I have a theory. I think Kilgarrah might've broken the fourth wall. (to anyone that does not know what breaking the fourth wall is, it simply means that the character has realized that they are in a show/movie/book, and sometimes they will try to get out, or attempt to talk to the audience.) I think this because when Kilgarrah was telling Merlin that Arthur would come back, he also said that "the story is not yet over" why did he use the word 'story'? Why not 'adventure' or 'quest', or how about 'destiny' but no. He said story. I think Kilgarrah means to say that this is all just a story, but its not over.IDK I'm usually really bad about theories but, tell me what you think! :)