Hi, I'm CureHibiki, and I'm not sure if you can fix this mess, but there is this user named Abc000. He is planning revenge on me because I told an admin to block him on Pretty Cure Wiki due to hacking into his cousin's account and messing up a few song pages and a few other pages. It's all fixed now but his eyes are fixed on me because I got him blocked. He's even giving me a "Christmas present". So far, his revenge has been vandalizing other users pages who have nothing to do with him. This is happening on Pretty Cure Fanseries Wiki at the moment, but there is a chance his horribleness will spread to other wikis that I'm on, but I did the only thing I could think of and hid those wiki on my user page. So, he making me want to cry and dread Christmas that is coming up on Thursday. Could you please somehow make him stop, ban his address of his computer from all wikis maybe? Talk to him and tell him stop? And I know that is wishful thinking because you probably do want to do that, but I want him off my back so I can live in peace without thinking what this nine year old boy is up too next.

Just so you know, I hardly know this boy, we live in different countries and his cousin Tama71999 is trying her best to tell his parents about what's going on. I'm really desperate and want this stopped. No matter how much I tell him to leave me alone, he doesn't. So please, help me if you can!