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Letter Of Rarity

Dear Twilight Sparkle

I'm So Happy To See You At The Princess Celestia's  Equestrian Gala Festival

Applejack Should  Prepare For The Festival

I Guess That Pinkie Pie Ask Me If Rarity Needs My Help

But I Don't Know Where Spike Is

Sometimes I Feel So Glad To Celebrate The Equestrian Gala Festival

I Think Snails Could Bring Me A Present

And Everybody Looks Like Magic

It's Such Awesome To Invite

Pinkie Pie ,  Rainbow Dash And I Gonna sing  For The Equestrian Gala  Dance Party

I Believe They See Me At This Celling

See You At The Princess Celestia's Equestrian Gala Festival



P.S : Would You Send Me A Message For The Festival 

at 13:45 am

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