• DFTP

    Hello, everyone, I'm DFTP and I just want to share my opinion on Wiki Staff's decision about removing Top 10 lists.

    You may like it or not, but on Fabruary 14th is also a Valentine's Day and it's horrible celebration/day, but Wiki Staff made my day with this excellent news.

    1. By removing Top 10 lists, just as they said before, Wiki will have more advantages to create new features and better than Top 10 lists which are pointless.

    2. Top 10 lists are useless and I doubt it was ever a cool feature and besides Top 10 lists can be used in blogs, so I think it's another really good reason to remove it.

    Why it's useless? Well, like I siad before top 10 lists can be written on Forums and in blogs and to make top 10 lists you don't need some feature.


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