Ayoo I'm Radio Rebel.

Not only Radio Rebel....i'm ur friend! I'm just like everyone else, only my identity will stay a secret. I refuse to be know my secret will never be revealed. Your just gonna have to keep reading and find out who I am. Only thing I will say is I'm the Angel you've been searchin for. Love to everyone who feels like they don't belong. I wrote this long ago and I hope you guys like it: Thrashing about in a sea of insults Lost within a forest of lies Beneath a sky filled with regrets In a land of your own creatin

A life of mistreatment Of mockery, shame, and scorn Made fun of and beaten All because I was me

What a world we live in To be laughed at for being yourself To be tossed aside for being different For not wanting to give in

I'd rather speak out than be silenced By the people screaming in my ear That I can't do it, that I'm usless Everyone who looks down on me is wrong

I am stronger than the rest For standing out and doing my own thing Nothing is wrong with being yourself They just want to be on top

In reality I am the one looking down upon them I show my true face while they hide behind masks No one is perfect and yet they say they are It's such a pathetic sight to see

So cruel they were to me And yet I can't help but feel sorry for them Lying to themselves like that is awful If only everyone would spread their own wings and fly

Stop hiding in packs of false friends Let your true colors shine through the darkness There is no need to lie to yourself anymore Just open up and show everyone who you really are

Be Yourself and everything will go your way!