Just a little over a month ago, we were able to introduce the Wikia Community to the Volunteer Developer Program, an initiative to gather some of our community’s best coding minds to helping improve your experience using Wikia.

To be honest, we weren’t quite sure what to expect as our VolDev group - Monchoman45, TK-999, Sovq, and Sactage - began to get integrated and familiar with our codebase. But all of these users rolled up their sleeves and pitched in in a hurry.

We’re beyond thrilled to see their contributions to Wikia in the last month and want to share with you all they’ve accomplished. Already, Volunteer Developers have fixed 12 bugs. Here are some of the ones you may have noticed around the site.

The "Previous" button was missing when looking at your earned Achievements. The "Show Changes" button on RecentChanges was overlapping the links to logs. Broken messages were showing on ThemeDesigner. The right rail chat module was missing from Special:Forum pages. After signing up for Wikia, users saw a broken "Change my email address" link.

One of the great things about this program is it shows just how wonderfully talented and diverse Wikia is. From artists to coders to gamers to writers to leaders, Wikians are able to accomplish so much together through collaboration, bringing together talents from across the globe over shared interests.

If there's a project on your wikia that has you stumped or you feel stuck on, reach out to other members of your community with similar talents and see if you can create something great together. That’s the spirit of the Volunteer Developers Program and Wikia itself, so we can’t wait to see what the program and all of our users can bring to the table in the future!

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