Looking for help? Why not check out the Wikia Help Forum! This amazing resource is for both new and experienced users on Wikia. From help on tweaking a template to designing a skin, the forum is home to an active and helpful community. There is great diversity of topics and users, so don't be afraid to ask any burning question you may have! You will receive advice on best practices, as well as help with technical and social situations. The high activity level there means you will often get a very quick response from multiple users.

One of the best parts about asking your questions on the forum is that it helps other users who might be looking for the same answer. So even if you are just asking, your question helps build up the archive of useful information for the whole Wikia community!

The forum would not be as useful as it is without the help of dedicated participants there. We would like to thank a few people who are have been of great help to the rest of us!

pcj, an admin and JS designer for WoWWiki, and a member of their esteemed 25000 club.
TulipVorlax, a Francophone member of our community who is active with the French GuildWars Wiki. If you're lucky he may give you some pointers on logo design.
Fandyllic, a supervisor on Answers who has been part of Wikia since 2007. If you have a question, he is the user to ask! (I am curious who the character on his user page is..)
BulldozerD11, as his username and avatar show, his passion is construction machinery and his is the main admin at The Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki.

Thank you for all your help guys, and thank you to everyone who helps make the forum a useful and lively place for us all.

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