This week's code release will be on Thursday instead of Wednesday of this week, due to some work we needed to handle on our servers. Below are some of the highlights of what will be included in the release.

New Features

  • The Admin Dashboard will be going live to all existing English wikis this week, as announced here. The Wiki Progress Bar will also appear on wikis that have less than 250 edits total. (Since it's a just-getting-started tool, it won't be added to more established wikis.) This release will also come with an easier way of viewing your wiki's statistics.

Major Bugs Fixed

  • Some users were displaying incorrect Member Since dates on their profiles. This should now be fixed, so please let us know if it's not for you (and be sure to include a link).
  • Blog lists experienced some design issues with bullets appearing and icons overlapping text.
  • Wikia technicians have been investigating some occasional white pages and database load spikes. This week's delayed code release was to allow more investigation of what might be causing this. We've found and resolved some relevant issues, so we hope there will be fewer problems from now on.

Select Known Issues

  • We have located the source of some image reuploading issues the last few days but are still looking into the cause. Simply put, images weren't being purged correctly on reupload and some pages may still be showing older versions. The images are on the server, they just aren't displaying correctly immediately. If you see an image that still hasn't updated, a purge is likely to fix it.
  • A number of special pages, most notably Special:ListUsers are not updating.
  • Page specific logs (such as deletions and protection changes) are not displaying for a number of pages (though not all). We believe the error is that the MediaWiki engine is not recognizing the log database data correctly.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below. And if you have additional bugs to report, please send them to us via Special:Contact.

Update 8/4/11: Image slider sizes have also been updated to fit the content areas better. Images have been positioned to fit the new sizes as best as possible. If your images don't look fantastic in the new setup, it may be time to recrop and reupload them.