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    June 19, 2014 by Dabomb217

    So we've all made mistakes, right? For the last three days, I've been having frequent anxiety attacks and haven't been myself. I've insulted friends, I've been slightly suicidal, and I've driven my friend away about 2 hours ago by not being willing to move on. I haven't been able to tell her what I'm going through, and I told her I wanted to hurt myself. I've been permanently banned on a wiki for threatening to shut it down by talking to community central, and/or getting certain admins who were not being fair to me having their powers taken away.

    As I realize my mistakes, I'm back on full anxiety meds and I'm trying to relax. How should I make things right as I'm starting to come to my senses? I don't want to keep begging to come back to th…

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