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Hello World!

Hello world! I am Angelina Rosalina! Angie for short... I am new to this Wikia and it's kind of like FB... I do not like FB bc like, its boring.. So, let me tell you all out there reading this about myself. I love singing, dancing, traveling, shopping, watching movies and youtube, playing habbo (My habbo username is Awesomesauce865, add me!), taking photo's, playing with my pets, spending time with my fam, hanging with friends, sleeping, eating, trying on clothes, playing video games, reading (my fav book is Red Butterfly, thumbs up if you read it b4), i think thats about it... oh and walking on the beach! You have to watch my fav youtuber IISuperwomanII like if you watch her video's! Tysm for taking the time to get to know me and read this! Byeeee

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