Pokemon is cool because there's different things u can do with them, like enter the regions league, have them do some work and have them battle one another.there is also different types of pokemon,like dragon, grass and fire, there's a total of 16 different types. To enter the regions league, the trainer must have 8 badges and after they have all 8 they'll have to defeat 4 ellet people before they can get to the champion, and it doesn't matter what gym battle badges they have all that matters is getting all 8 of them. What gym battles are is the trainer battles the gym leader and earns a badge, what a gym leader is they are a person who wates for the challenger (trainer) to arrive in their gym. Pokemon come in different shapes and sizes of different animals in the real world, but there are some rare Pokemon called leagondary pokemon they can be seen, but choose to remain hidden in their own habits, and some can be awakened for evil proposes, like to rule the world, and some leagondary Pokemon (if the trainer is lucky) will help them defend the world from the evil.