This is my story of when i was on the tales of dertinia server

So there i was looking for a house when i stumbled across a huge town And i thought "well they wont mind if i loved on the other side of they're lake" So i dug into the hill and hollowed it out and lived there but an hour later someone asked me to "please move because we were gonna expand our town to where you made your house" and i was a brat and pleaded to stay there instead of moving when it would have been more polite to have just moved so theyre leader came on (ravvu was his name) and he was kind and found me a nice spot next to a nearby river and he gave a bunch of gear (if you are wondering the towns name was higharch) and i built a nice house (what am i saying it was horrible i couldnt build if my life depended on it) it was pretty fun while it lasted (wich was one day) then frog78 (an admin) said he needed some builders so I volunteered and he told me "ok but you will have to get here yourself but i will supply you with all you need once you get here food, tools, building materials" so i traveled up north to his kingdom (wich took 30minutes of boring sailing) when i got there frog and his friend zephyyrr (another admin) showed me around (he had an awesome kingdom but i lagged alot from the redstone stuff underground) then he set up a plot for me to myself a house and he gave me some wood and some stone for my house then i went to the upper left corner and started to build a hotel (it still might be there) but i got bored one day and attacked higharch i lost the first battles so i went into frogs secret room and took some diamond gear (diamonds spawnrate was decreased by 95% so they were really rare) and went back to the town but jezereth was there (one of the top admins and king of the emerald empire) he told me to give back the armor and i did but i was a brat about it and as i putting away away the stuff frog logged on and kicked me from his kingdom so i went to live in my hotel but he told me i was to close and that if i didnt move he would blow it up so i lived in my first house again and started to make a town i just built for a few days and some people joined (one of them a hacker whom i reported) but then one day thonnir the orc started attacking me (theres a reason for that but ill tell that tale another day) and i joined the darklord (zephyyrr)and he left me a gift on his tower so i went to his tower (wich was further and harder to get to then frogs castle mainly cause the orc was following me) and i made another cave home nearby his tower when i got to the i had two gifts condensed hatered and a hellfire long bow (had enchants fire aspect and power4) the war with thonnir lasted a week when i had surrendered and he wanted me to pay him 500 gold nuggets and 250 iron ingots (i never paid him) but in the end i was banned cause i asked a friend to join me on a minigame server and i was a brat when they temp banned me (this was when i was 13) i mightve forgot some details sorry but it was a few years ago

If i get three diamonds on this post i will publish stories about the smaller things i did like the details of when i lived with frog or the war with thonnir