• Damian0358

    I run the Facepunch RP Wikia, a wiki dedicated to documenting the turn-based RPs of the Facepunch RP Group, a community on said forum.

    Now, I am practically the sole editor of the wiki, keeping it somewhat in form. But I've always had frustrations with the templates, specifically the infoboxes. I managed to get a infobox for the pages on the RPs themselves working, I think at least, but I've always had issues with the infobox dedicated for countries. Specifically, this infobox would always ask for "Template:Br_seperated_entries", as well as its module.

    I will admit that I took these infoboxes from other wikis very sloppily, which may be part of the reason why it is like this. Which is why I'm here, to ask if anyone could come and see what co…

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