"The World is a Cruel Place, Sometimes that Hate can be felt more on the wiki then you do when you meet somebody. How do i Know this Hate Because i feel it Coming from the Egotistic and the Perverted Animales that Linger around the Corners of the wiki Waiting to Strike when the Beast is sleeping, They Dare not to Wake up that Beast for he/she is a Admin that will strike back if woken by the slightest step or Drop of blood, If they want this good Faith wiki then the only way to get it is in Hell"Dan67 (talk) 00:56, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

Dan67's Laws of Editing

  • "Do Not Think about yourself and only yourself it's Unhealthy and will get you Banned on the wiki if it's Sever"
  • "Always feel weak when you think your not it's Better to Conquer through a Logical stand point then a Verbal"
  • "If an Admin or Bureacrat Edits in Bad faith, then Report them Silently and cooperate with them till The Hammer Arrives to kill off the Corrupted One"
  • "Remain Wary a Unprotected wiki Leaves it Exposed to Vandalism and Egotism"