Warning this is a blog that expresses one's opinion on a ever growing problem that plagues community central daily, think before you speak and be considerate whenever possible

I know that this is something your already used to by now and I can understand why as it's not important for us to acknowledge a certain founder because the way they start a wiki and per say just forgot to manage it because their is more pressing manners in life such as taxes, Marriage, Social Life and possibly they have contracted a disease that prevents them from working.

"We can't force them to work till the end of time"- From a Unknown user

Truly, this is a logical response if not involuntary as the user assumed that I was naive and I am not blaming "it" as we are human by nature to compensate with said difficulties but the pressing question I try to address is "intentional Neglect" as in the founder purposely not taking Responsibility for their own actions for example if I where to hack this site with a JTAG then who would you blame first for the incident?

A. the wiki Staff who work 7 hours a day except weekends


B. Me

Thanks to human ignorance, it's common for the human mind to use assumptions and prejudgement rather than thoroughly thinking how it happened in the first place. I also apologize to use human ignorance as a insult to all of you fellow users but it raises my blood pressure as intelligent people resort to nonsense and rumor instead of using their head as I constantly talk to myself in every scenario when being confronted as I rather choose the most effective option than the least effective option of ignoring founder neglect like some pawn on a chess board.

I seen so many of these so-called "founders" and it makes me furious that they getaway with spam, harassment, blackmail and even uttering explicit language that would make Brandon Rhea cry a river. Time is limited I know it is but if we keep refusing to accept our responsibility then who would we become humans or animals.

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