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Hello, and welcome to my blog post... I have been on this wiki for two years now, and I have met alot of people, and not all of them were nice... But some of them were my friends, and even family. So I am going to make a list of all my faviorte users, including mods, admins and normal users :) Enjoy :D

Normal users:Edit

1. Emma Stacey: I have made her my faviorte user, because she is not just a user... But she is my best friend, helped out more than anyone has... Thank you Emma!!

2. XxCanadianSweethartxX: I have made this user second, because I have spoken to her lots of time and makes my second faviorte friend - Well done

3. Ozuzanna: Even know we don't speak much and haven't seen eye to eye... I'm putting him in third, Hope that you will read as me being nice

4. Miyanlove: I have chosen her, because she helped me on Wiki more than everyone... So thank you Miyanlove

That's it for the normal users, here comes the admins... 


1. Callofduty4: I have known Tavi for ages, and most of the time that I have talked to him. We've always been friends

Well I will finish this tomorrow... See you guys tomorrow

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