MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY Hello there? Isn’t this is a wonderful morning, by the way my name is Daniel Luis A. Caballar. I was born on June 18, 1996 and I am 18 years old now. I live in  Purok 3, Mialen, Clarin, Misamis, Occidental. I live in a simple and windy place. We are four siblings in our family, my father’s name is Dearlyto Caballar and my mother’s name is Luz Caballar. My father is from Manila and my mother is just here at Ozamiz city. My father was an army of the philippines but he retired and now he is the Brgy. Chairman of our place, while my mother is a LGU at the municipal hall of Clarin. I have two brothers and one sister, the name of my brothers are Daryl Luke Caballar and Dearlyto Caballar Jr. while my sister name is Bernadeth Caballar. My eldest brother is now working abroad, he is a seaman, while my next elder brother is a registered nurse and he is now preparing for his other review so that he can go abroad too and our youngest sister is now at grade 7 at Clarin National High School. As a teenager I like to go places that is full of adventure and wonderful views, like Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Hundred Islands, Pangasinan, and Chocolate Hills, Bohol, and I also like sports like basketball, volleyball, and sepak takraw, animals that I like are cat,dogs, and fish. I started school when I was six years old and I graduated at Clarin National High School and now  I am now studying at Misamis University taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I love my parents because they are always there to cheer, care, and supporting me with all the difficulties in my life. They teach also teach me how to be a God fearing. I have travelled to Manila to see my cousins, and some of my cousins have significant behavior,like,dislikes, and the way it looks. I learn from my parents that school is the most important of all because it can give you a better life in the future. My parents and Uncle’s teach me also how to inter act with other people without offending there selves.When I was at high school I was participating a speech choir and we won the first place and since I have never won a first place when I was at grade school  I feel  joyful and wonderful about myself that I can compete to others but you need to practice and work hard to accomplish what you are doing. We have a rice field, not too big but able to support us in our needs. I don’t like a person who is malicious,deceving, and evil doing’s. I am a humble, friendly, caring and helpful person. I watched TV and watched discovery science, discovey turbo, animal planet, TLC, and some movies in Star Movies, Cinemax, HBO, and Fox. I like to draw but drawing don’t like me, I draw but not the exact drawing I would draw, I like to sing but im too deep and harsh in singing.