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Adventure Elements

Adventure Stories

Here are some characteristics of an adventure story.

The Hero/Heroine

§ noble, brave, and courageous

§ intelligent

§ enthusiastic

§ a risk taker

§ saves the day

§ attempts to solve all problems

§ has a side-kick who assists

§ has a character flaw, something that troubles him or her, like not valuing others for what they are, being dishonest, lazy, etc.

The Journey

§ hero/heroine makes the journey

§ hero/heroine goes on the journey to solve a mystery or a problem

§ a journey could be to or through forests, mountains, valleys, deserts, ocean, museum, cities, or even a junkyard

A journey always has a realistic setting.

§ The hero/heroine can journey by horse, walking, bus, car, ship, or even a plane. The transportation mode is real.

The Conflict/Problem

§ Conflict can happen in several ways:

§ someone is missing

§ find an answer to a specific question

§ conflict with nature: survival in the wilderness

§ conflict with self: fighting a fear

§ conflict with man or a group

§ Solution to conflict may be a realistic ending or not.

The Resolution to the Problem

§ The main character learns something

§ The main character solves the mystery

§ The main character most often changes for the better, examples: the character feels appreciated by others, accepts others as they are

§ main character can also survive many dangers or learn to respect nature

§ main character learns to appreciate his/her life as it is

§ main character can also overcome certain fears or feelings about him/herself.

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