• DareVibez

    Call Of Duty WW2

    May 25, 2017 by DareVibez

    We all love call of duty and of course we were all excited when we heard about the release of the trailer COD WW2, it was an amazing look especially that little sneak peak of a gameplay and on top of that a TEASE of the new multiplayer. Out of everything shown there we did not see any tease of Zombies, we all are a fan of zombies we did see a tease later on days later though. The face of a nazi zombie, i mean the way it was created a sight worth seeing it was pretty creepy and graphics were amazing that is what im talking about this is what we are mostly waiting for we hope the trailer of zombies will be released soon. A video ive seen where they speak to the creaters of COD Sledgehammer one fan in the audience sees the nazi zombie photo b…

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