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  • Dark Matter X

    THIS BLOG IS TO UPDATE!!!  Hi there! I am Dark Matter X, a Lifeline user. I wanted create this blog to give a general explanation on how to react to theft of Wikia by various vandals, Trolls and Cyberbully.

    For stop the vandal in a Wiki, must  contact the Founder, Bureaucrat, Admin, the Rollback for blocked he. If it insults on the Chat you contact a Chat Moderator or the Administration for banned he on the Chat. If the vandal persist in other Wiki, contact a member of the VSTF group for banned he in everyone Wiki, or the Staff means Special:Contact. 

    Note: The Blocking is limited or Infinite, depends on Vandalism...

    The Troll is not a Vandal, but a species of disturber of the user. To see if a user is a Troll:

    • Bothers to Chat
    • He Hides and insu…

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  • Dark Matter X

    I am a Lifeline! For information,learn here!

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