THIS BLOG IS TO UPDATE!!!  Hi there! I am Dark Matter X, a Lifeline user. I wanted create this blog to give a general explanation on how to react to theft of Wikia by various vandals, Trolls and Cyberbully.

How to react


For stop the vandal in a Wiki, must  contact the Founder, Bureaucrat, Admin, the Rollback for blocked he. If it insults on the Chat you contact a Chat Moderator or the Administration for banned he on the Chat. If the vandal persist in other Wiki, contact a member of the VSTF group for banned he in everyone Wiki, or the Staff means Special:Contact

Note: The Blocking is limited or Infinite, depends on Vandalism...


The Troll is not a Vandal, but a species of disturber of the user. To see if a user is a Troll:

  • Bothers to Chat
  • He Hides and insulted of hidden
  • Does not matter the feelings
  • He's superficial in relationships
  • Afraid of the Administration
  • Often introverted and quiet character
  • He's suspicious

Measures: To report a Troll it must be done in private by Wikia Staff means Special:Contact or segnaled in private message an Admin. However to avoid the Troll must be indifferent!


You've never heard of Cyberbully on Wikia? Are those who create false account and pretend to be you. This user sometimes insults alone to get scoff! To find out who the Cyberbully contact urgently the Wikia Staff means Special:Contact or share this problem with people you trust for take urgent meausures!


I hope you that you will follow my guide to the best! :) For express your thoughts comment this Blog Post.

Bye and Good Editing!