• Darstark323

    My Sad Wikia Story

    February 24, 2014 by Darstark323

    Here is my story.

    November 2012,I joined the wiki and I arrived to a wiki,whoose name,I cannot remember.I've came in the chat,and I said "hi".The next second I noticed I was just banned for 1 year,with the reason "bad language".I contacted an admin,saying "Why was I baned from chat?I only said hi.".His response was something like this "Please stop insulting me!If you continue,you'll be getting banned for infinite".I said "What?".He reponded:"I adveritsed you.I told you to stop insulting the wiki.You shall now be banned for infinite".And that's what he did.

    Demeber 13,decided to return on Wikia.I came to another wiki.I asked "How to create a page?".I said then "Oh how stupid I am!I remember now!!".An random user told me to stop using innaprop…

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