Here is my story.

November 2012,I joined the wiki and I arrived to a wiki,whoose name,I cannot remember.I've came in the chat,and I said "hi".The next second I noticed I was just banned for 1 year,with the reason "bad language".I contacted an admin,saying "Why was I baned from chat?I only said hi.".His response was something like this "Please stop insulting me!If you continue,you'll be getting banned for infinite".I said "What?".He reponded:"I adveritsed you.I told you to stop insulting the wiki.You shall now be banned for infinite".And that's what he did.

Demeber 13,decided to return on Wikia.I came to another wiki.I asked "How to create a page?".I said then "Oh how stupid I am!I remember now!!".An random user told me to stop using innapropiate language.I decided not to feed the troll,and I ignore him.The next day,I woke up with a ban from chat for 1 month with the reason "No reason.HAHAHAHHA".I was afraid to join another wiki....

December 27,I went to a Christmas-themed wiki.

January 15,2013.Everything went good on that wiki,until that day.A new user joined the wiki.That user happend to be the admin who banned me on November 2012.He got adminship on that wiki very soon,him being a close friend of the founder.He threated that if I won't leave the wiki,he's gonna ban me.I left.

January 23 2013.I've heard that that guy got global banned,as wikia found out his no-reasoned bans.I came back to that wiki.Everything went good until...

March 2,2013:That guy evaded the global ban with another account.He got the adminship back,and he banned me,with the reason "I don't like you".

March 3,2013.I made my own wiki.But somehow,that guy found my wiki,and started to spam it and use innapropiate language.

March 5,2013.I banned him from my wiki.That admin created a wiki himself called "Blacklist Wiki",where he puts the people's name he hates,and write horible things about them,turning everyone against them.But he didn't added me,yet.

March 29,2013--May 2013.His wiki miraculously grew up to have 20 users.He added me to the blacklist,with horible (and false)things written about me.BlackList became a popular wiki,and many people started to join.People who seen it went to their wikis and talked about the persons from the blacklist. Million wikis thought I was a bad guy.

June 5,2013.Wiki eventualy found him and global banned him again,and also,closed his wiki.But that didn't solved anything.Many many people still seen it,and thought the worst about me.I re-joined the Christmas Themed wiki,only to find it a famous wiki,with over 1000 edits,and many users.

June 10,2013.People from that wiki realized I was one of the BlackListed.They started being all mean to me,and eventually get banned with the reason "Bad Bad Bad Bad!!!!!"

June 15 2013 -- July 30 2013.Any wiki I went,the blacklist came in,and they banned me.Nothing was left to do,but delete my acount!I did it!

November 27 2013.A friend of mine from the wiki(the only on I had),he knew my facebook,and he gave it to all people around the wiki,with this,betraying me.I've been receiving a lot of bad messages from them.

Today,Made this account,so I could tell you,my wiki story.My sad wiki story.I know you cannot do anything,but the point of this was show you that there are horible persons on the wiki...and you hardly can find any friends.