This blog post is related mainly for people, who know meaning of „Star Wars” sentence and are fans and editors of Star Wars wikis. The other users might dislike the post and it's topic.

Star Wars is very popular and well-known sentence. But is it only a sentence? No! It's a great universe, which has been creating for 41 years to this day. It has many fans across the world. Maybe you are also a great fan?

There are many Star Wars wikis at Wikia; the biggest is Wookieepedia with 100 000+ articles (number still rising). But there are many other wikis... which need our help!

Would you like to help any of small „Star Wars” wikis?

The poll was created at 19:43 on January 18, 2015, and so far 15 people voted.

If your answer is "yes", I'm very happy. If it's "no", tell me why? There are many ways to write articles at those wikis, even, if you don't know those languages...

[I'll add a list of wikis in the close future.]

May the Force be with you, <insert name here>