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  • Darytyg123123

    Disclaimer this user is a active supporter of trivia sections and doesn't publically display any dislike towards them whatsoever. If you and or your fellow friends or etc don't like this blogpost or the content published then please don't read this. The author is not responsible for any anger, hate or sadness the blogpost gives towards you and wont take responsibility for any of those prementioned things occuring in you. The author aims to help the community with constructive critisicm intended to make the community function in a better way and if you can provide ways to help commente below.

    Hello my name is Darytyg123123 and today we, the community, will be discussing the following: Trivia sections and there use? So get your favourite popc…

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  • Darytyg123123

    You know how you are a user and you decide you want to help, but you see a problem and you don't know the answer to it. Let me guess you answered the question didn't you and now you look like a idiot on the chat. No worries my name is Darytyg The Furry Darryn and in todays help blog we are going to discuss why answering questions you don't know the answer to is a bad idea.

    Yes providing answers to questions you don't know does make you look silly on chat and this has a large amount of bag things in assocation with it. For starters if you look silly then people will never take you seriously in the future, and it makes you look like a noob when you try your hardest to answers something you really should have not even tried to answer to begin …

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  • Darytyg123123

    You know the lovely phrase

    "You are the best person when you are yourself and nobody else".

     Greetings my name is Dary and today we are going to talk about why we should be ourselves online.

    You may think of yourself as worse than a specific person and there are many different awesome people such as,"Jospehyr, Jr Mime, Sactage and etc", to name a few. But remember those people where once new users two and you must never try and be a person you think is better than you. Remember only in yourself are you a brilliant user and person.

    I remember a friend of mine who said the following online

    "I am not a cool Canadian I am just a stupid, boring American".

    I would love to just say that you are more than boring people online, you are all awesome users.…

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  • Darytyg123123

    Hello my name is Darytyg and today we are talking about fanon. If you don't know what that is I will be glad to explain that to you in a few short sentences. Fanon is basically anything that was created by fans that they create because they like the specific thing they are interested in. Now bear in mind it is not my place to say you can't bring it here, but I just want to give advice on were Fanon should be put.

    Forumns are mostly help pages and etc and so it's really annoying for a average user, like myself, to be looking at the forumn pages and see constant fanon pages everywhere. Now bear in mind it's not my place to judge, but really fanon content should be in forumns on wikis that fanon is based on, not the Community Central forumns, …

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  • Darytyg123123

    Greetings to every single person out there, my name is Darytyg and today I am going to discuss spamming.

    What is spamming you may ask? To answer this, I thought I would use  wikidictionary, bear in mind this is a adapted version : Spam : Sending a large amount of repeated information to internet users.

    Obviously that is a bad thing right. Now personally I despise spam, reason,"It's annoying, I don't see the point". '

    Many people of course despise it so heres some useful tips on how to deal with spam.

    Now personally a day is ruined the minute someone feels he/she has to paste either, lots of numbers, letters or blank spaces. The key is don't freak out. The situation is not going to go unanswered and there are many mods there to help. Even if th…

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