Greetings to every single person out there, my name is Darytyg and today I am going to discuss spamming.

What is spamming you may ask? To answer this, I thought I would use  wikidictionary, bear in mind this is a adapted version : Spam : Sending a large amount of repeated information to internet users.

Obviously that is a bad thing right. Now personally I despise spam, reason,"It's annoying, I don't see the point". '

Many people of course despise it so heres some useful tips on how to deal with spam.

Step 1 : Don't freak out.

Now personally a day is ruined the minute someone feels he/she has to paste either, lots of numbers, letters or 

Don't be this guy

blank spaces. The key is don't freak out. The situation is not going to go unanswered and there are many mods there to help. Even if there isn't, CCBot is there to help with situations. So don't panick and just communicate in Pm if you really have to.

Step 2 : If you have to communicate do it through PM 

You know how you are communicating with someone, and the spam breaks that. Well the best, and only advice, is to communicate via PM. What is PM you may ask, well PM is private message. The spammer cannot get to you in PM and you are free to do as much talk with the person you want to as you can, Don't try and communicate through main chat, not only will your messages be ignored, but they will be lost in the spam.

Step 3 : If they find you in PM block them

Don't let a spammer get his benefit in private pm, if they come there, block them. You have the power in private messages not them, and you dictate wether or not the person gets to communicate there. So if they spam then just block them. Finished klaar.

And that is the third installment of my blog series, please comment and tell me what you thought of that.