Darytyg Help blog series part 1 : Trolls and why we hate them

Greetings to all that may take the time, and effort, to read this lovely blog post, I took a while to make. Today I am creating a new type of blog series titled,"Darytyg Help blogs," to help users with basic things on how to cope with certain bad situations on wiki. Today we are talking about trolls, now you may be asking,"What is a troll?", now I am going to go delight you with a short informative section.  

A troll

This guy is not wanted.

What is a troll?

Troll are those users who love causing trouble on either chat or in general wiki. They are general bored people who seek to gain the attention of users by causing as much trouble as possible. This may be in the form of spamming wiki, spamming chat, being rude to others and many other bad actions. Once there task of gaining attention is complete, they will stop there action mostly, but not without making users as mad as they possibly can.

Why do people troll?

People troll for a number of reasons, non of them good. If I could list all the reasons why trolls troll we would be on chapter 4 of this blog series, and beacuse I don't want to do that, I am going to list the obvious reasons as to why they  troll. Trolls love attention, and they seek attention in there troll beacuse they are bored people in real life. Kind of like a person who irritates you and then when you react, laughs and continues to irritate you.

How does one deal with trolls?

The simple way to handle a troll is to ignore them. You may think confronting them and shouting at them is the best option, no. They love attention and the minute you give them that simple thread of attention they will know they are winning. Ignoring them denies them the option and chance of gaining attention and victory from that attention.

So thank you all for reading this blog I hope you guys can gain information from this and will stay tuned for the next blog post.