Greetings everyone, my name is Darytyg and I decided to write a blog on how to be a good user on Community Central, specifically Community Central Chat. Personally I got most of the ideas from watching the chat and good chat moderators like my friend 2A moderating the chat.

1. Be as nice as you can be : Ever heard the saying that chat is like real life conversations, well that statement is true. Community Central Chat is basically a conversation with other people in real life online. So normally in real life you wouldn't be rude to anyone, insult them or be harsh right, because that would go against the laws of manners. But I don't know the person in real life, which means what I say doesn't matter right? Wrong! What you say online still affects the person in real life, and is not a rule of manners at all. Being polite and nice are sure ways to make sure that you are a good person and look good as well. As the statement says, be as kind as you can be and others will return the favor in the future.

2. Do not insult any position of authority : Ever heard that it is a bad idea to anger a police officer, well the mods on Community Central are basically the Community Central police. Like normal police officers if you are a good citizen, nothing bad will happen to you, but if you are a bad one then bad stuff will happen to you. The mods are only there to do there job and they have a easier time if you don't insult them, plus being polite to them also shows your appreciation for the work they do and they do a lot of work maintaining the chat and making sure it is the chat it usually is.

3. If there is no activity don't spam the chat : This is a important one, spam is posting long lines of text on the chat, for no reason at all, and I will state again is never a good thing to ever do. It doesn't matter if the staff are not there, because the chatbot records the chat and they will come back to haunt you again later, plus if the staff are not active and they see this, you will be banned for doing the action, and it truly is not worth it at all as the action not only makes you appear immature or underage, but it also makes you appear like you are inconsiderate, noncaring and rude in general, which is really something you don't want to have against you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and remember a good wiki is one with good users.