Disclaimer this user is a active supporter of trivia sections and doesn't publically display any dislike towards them whatsoever. If you and or your fellow friends or etc don't like this blogpost or the content published then please don't read this. The author is not responsible for any anger, hate or sadness the blogpost gives towards you and wont take responsibility for any of those prementioned things occuring in you. The author aims to help the community with constructive critisicm intended to make the community function in a better way and if you can provide ways to help commente below.

Hello my name is Darytyg123123 and today we, the community, will be discussing the following: Trivia sections and there use? So get your favourite popcorn in a container, sit on your most comfortable chair and relax as we enjoy the discussing of Trvia.

Any dream

Sit comfortably this is going to take a while.

What is a trivia section?

Now you may be thinking what a trivia section is and what trivia sections do. This is fine as there are things all of us individuals need to learn to progress. In basic sense, trivia is something that fans of the community make up based upon evidence they collect from the individual themselves. This could be based on the characters actions or many other core features done in the game. A very important thing to note is trivia is not fanon, as the author never explicitly stated this in the game at first. So in basic sense trivia is information the community makes up. But does this make it a bad thing? Welp that depends soley on the person themselves.

Why do we need Trivia?

In basic sense we actually don't need trivia at all. I know very shocking. Trivia is not something we want, rather it is something that is there. This is most common on Articles, also known as the base function of many different individual wikis we know today. Now some people tend to consider Trivia as all right evil, I am obviously not going to name those people, as that would be insulting and rude, but Trivia in itself is not evil. But constantly containing it everywhere can be similar towards evility. Basically think of the need as a minor scab we have on our body. The scab intends to help us but the thing is so itchy that we tend to try our hardest to remove it. Trivia is similar towards this.

How can we stop this?

The most simple way towards stopping Trivia, if for some reason you want to stop it, is to add the trivia sections towards the main section of the articles themselves. This makes the information more direct towards the article and makes it more readable. Or you can just ignore the trivia sections and continue on your merry day.

Thanks for reading

That is everything you guys need to know about the topic. Thank you so much for spending the time needed to read through this article. I really hope you enjoy this and take the time to comment and provide feedback on improvements towards the blogs. I am always open to any comments and willing to see how we can make the blogpost better.