Hello everyone my name is Manglytyg or Darytyg and today I am writing a blog about something that always and by always I mean ALWAYS appears in the community Central Chat. Now I am not a Admin nor staff so I don't have the place to tell you to not do that, as doing that is going against the rules of wiki and I prefer not to get in trouble for that, so instead I decided to explain why long words never help you in any way. Sounds interesting lets begin.

First off and be honest here, who is really not bored in the wiki chat, I mean the chat is mostly either empty, idle or quiet because people are not talking, not engaging and not being social with one another. So naturally your mind thinks,"Oh boy this chat is boring"!, especially if you are new, now I am not blaming new people as you guys are cool too but come on, no experience equals boredom. So what do you think, "I am going to insert hello like this,hhhheeeellooooo," and boom a admin comes in a says,"Don't do that", and you naturally get annoyed and will either question them, which is not a good idea, or continue, which is a worse idea, and then you get kicked and come back pissed and shout at the admin, which btw is a big NO, and then do something which is truly not wise, the cuss game, we all know that game, I mean come on who doesn't, cusswords are everywhere in our lives, but when we use it in chat against others, especially members of authority, can I just say you sank your boat. Then boom you get banned and properly cry yourself to sleep. But what lets reverse back, what if we never inserted the hhhheeellooooo in the first place, well you guessed it, no warning, no kick, no anger, no cuss war and no ban, easy isn't it. I am not saying that a quiet chat and being bored is not avoidable but truly it is not a good excuse to that. Do you tell your teacher I was bored if they catch you on a game when your supposed to do work, lets see, NO, why because you will get in more trouble and ring a ding ding, same thing with chat. Well how will we solve this, again I am not going to say don't insert long text cause common that won't solve anything, but maybe if we find alternative means to doing this. Here is one example do it in Pm, do it in your own chat or don't bring it to CCC, that way you interest yourself and don't get bored.

I really hope you enjoy this blog and remember long text is not good for help.