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October 1, 2016
  • Davecooper


    October 1, 2016 by Davecooper

    Welcome to my page! If you're reading this, this is all the information about my IG games all on one blog.


    Season One: Survivor Kaoh Rong

    When: June 5-Aug 27
    Contestants: 18
    Winner: Aubry (@upbeatrockton8)

    Person Placement & Day they were snuffed
    @twilightsparkles12121 Day 0, Pre-Game Elim, 19th
    Michele (@jakecook355) Day 3, 18th
    Jayson (@da_pringle_lord) Day 6, 17th
    Caleb (@patrick_the_solorider) Day 9, 16th
    Tai (@joryneish13) Day 12, 15th
    Anna (@brianjohn1) Day 15, 14th
    Joe (@crayola_kk_) Day 18, Quit, 13th
    Neill (@rw171) Day 20, 12th
    Cydney (@sara_elizabeth903) Day 22, 11th
    Darnell (@blake__rutledge) Day 22, 10th
    Alecia (@disney_survivor18) Day 24, 9th (Jury)
    Jenny (@survivor_mini_games) Day 24, Kicked for inactivity, 8th (Jury)
    Scot (@ewgy21) Day 27, 7…

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