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Welcome to my page! If you're reading this, this is all the information about my IG games all on one blog.


Season One: Survivor Kaoh Rong

When: June 5-Aug 27
Contestants: 18
Winner: Aubry (@upbeatrockton8)
Person Placement & Day they were snuffed
@twilightsparkles12121 Day 0, Pre-Game Elim, 19th
Michele (@jakecook355) Day 3, 18th
Jayson (@da_pringle_lord) Day 6, 17th
Caleb (@patrick_the_solorider) Day 9, 16th
Tai (@joryneish13) Day 12, 15th
Anna (@brianjohn1) Day 15, 14th
Joe (@crayola_kk_) Day 18, Quit, 13th
Neill (@rw171) Day 20, 12th
Cydney (@sara_elizabeth903) Day 22, 11th
Darnell (@blake__rutledge) Day 22, 10th
Alecia (@disney_survivor18) Day 24, 9th (Jury)
Jenny (@survivor_mini_games) Day 24, Kicked for inactivity, 8th (Jury)
Scot (@ewgy21) Day 27, 7th (Jury)
Nick (@peeelilili) Day 30, 6th (Jury)
Peter (@cheif_neif) Day 32, 5th (Jury)
Debbie (@leyton_r)

Day 34, 4th (Jury)

Liz (@harmonyking1185) Day 37, 3rd (Jury)
Julia (@brigley777) Runner Up
Aubry (@upbeatrockton8) Winner
Person Amount of Idols
Liz 3


Scot 2
Debbie 2
Aubry 0, had extra vote
Darnell 0, had a special advantage which granted him sight of the first time his name was being thrown around

Starting Tribes consisted of the original Brains Brawn and Beauty people from Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

Beauty: Tai, Michele, Julia, Nick, Caleb, Anna

Brains: Peter, Debbie, Liz, Neill, Joe, Aubry

Brawn: Scot, Jayson, Cydney, Jenny, Alecia, Darnell


Additional Info: This game was intended to be a total and utter idol frenzy, although it was a known fact there were at least two idols there wasn't much chatter about them.



Season Two: Survivor Blood v. Water


Aug 28- October 7th

Contestants: 18

So Kim (@nicole_reality_)

Person (Returnees bold) Day snuffed FOR GOOD and Placement
Kim (@jakecook355) Day 3, Quit, 18th
Baylor (@bigbrothercourtney)

Day 4, 17th

Joe Anglim (@brigley777) Day 13, 16th
Jayson (@guyleesurvivor) Day 13, 15th, for cheating
Nick (@nick_survivor_) Day 13, 14th, for cheating
Scot (@ewgy21) Day 19, 13th (Jury)
Kelley Wentworth (@eve._.yang) Day 20, 12th (Jury)
Shirin (@sans_papyrus_) Day 21, Quit, 11th (Jury)
Peihgee (@kantajing) Day 22, Quit, 10th (Jury)
Tyson (@jay.and.taylor.and.ken) Day 28, 9th (Jury)
Charlie (@realityshowcontests) Day 28, 8th (Jury)
Joeseph (@got_moxie_matey) Day 28, 7th (Jury)
Tyler (@crazedcoreyfan) Day 30, 6th (Jury)
Caleb (@boston.rob_and_caleb) Day 34, 5th (Jury)
Boston Rob (@bostonrob.thehost) Day 37, 4th (Jury)
Benry (@leyton_r) Runner Up, 3rd/2nd 
Andrea (@the_reality_game) Runner Up, 3rd/2nd
So Kim (@nicole_reality_) Winner

Addional Notes:

Player Times Brought Back
Andrea 1
Caleb 2
Tyler 1


Starting Tribes:

Galang: Tyler, Nick, Shirin, Kelley Wentworth, Joeseph, Benry, Joe, Boston Rob, Tyson

Tadhana: Charlie, Scot, So Kim, Peihgee, Baylor, Andrea, Kim, Jayson, Caleb


Person Idols found


Boston Rob 1
Benry 1

Season Three: The Mole


October 11- November 9th
Contestants 15
Mole Ace
Winner Cancelled

Player Order in which they were executed
Livy (@_.funtime.foxy._) 15th Place
SoCal (@socaldustinmcneer) 14th Place
Blake (@taylor.reality) 13th Place
Lauren (@realityfan24) 12th Place
Marvel (@marvel_war) -cancelled-
Blair (@sovivor_) -cancelled-
Sean (@insta_survivors) -cancelled-
Brittney (@brittney_bb_games)


Andrea (@the_reality_game)


Leyton (@leyton_r)

Will (@will_macdonald3) -cancelled-
Christian (@bb.harmony) -cancelled-
Zach (@fazeeruggg) -cancelled-

Nick (@nicg920)

Ace (@super.umbreon) The Mole

Additional Notes: Lauren's execution was never publicly announced, but technically the Survivor twist that was used had her executed fourth because she recived the most votes out of the four people at risk; Nick, Sean, Lauren, and Leyton were all at risk of elimination.

Blake started hosting a Mole game of his own!

Ace couldnt actually won the Mole pot anyways since the winnings would've been in US dollars and Ace was Canadian. Lucky coincidence?

Nobody is really sure why Marvel threw all those challenges, not even me


Season Four: Survivor

Contestants 18
Winner TBD
Person Placement & Day they were snuffed
Jay (@games_of_reality) Day 3, 18/18
Eliza (@pearlislands) Day 6, 17/18
Jeremy (@realityrevolution) Day 8, 16/18
Jefra (@jefraslays) Day 12, 15/18
Adam (@nicg920) Day 12, 14/18
Josh (@blairandjim) Day 13, 13/18
Parvati (@thescreamemma_) Day 17, 12/18 (Jury)
Erik (@realityerik) Day 20, 11/18 (Jury)
Lex (@ra.bona) Day 23, 10/18 (Jury)
Mari (@survivordystopia) Day 23, 9/18 (Jury)
Russell (@realitytvstuffs) Day 26, 8/18 (Jury)
Wes (@spencerslayz) Day 31, 7/18 (Jury)
Brandon (@alexreality_) Day 34, 6/18 (Jury)
Reynold (@marvel_war) Day 36, 5/18 (Jury)
Jaclyn (@davion.moore08) Day 38, 4/18 (Jury)
Spencer (@reality.comps) TBD
Cochran (@thiccjeter28) TBD
Brenda (@tnerb_livingcup) TBD

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