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Welcome to my page! If you're reading this, this is all the information about my IG games all on one blog.


Season One: Survivor Kaoh Rong

When: June 5-Aug 27
Contestants: 18
Winner: Aubry (@upbeatrockton8)
Person Placement & Day they were snuffed
@twilightsparkles12121 Day 0, Pre-Game Elim, 19th
Michele (@jakecook355) Day 3, 18th
Jayson (@da_pringle_lord) Day 6, 17th
Caleb (@patrick_the_solorider) Day 9, 16th
Tai (@joryneish13) Day 12, 15th
Anna (@brianjohn1) Day 15, 14th
Joe (@crayola_kk_) Day 18, Quit, 13th
Neill (@rw171) Day 20, 12th
Cydney (@sara_elizabeth903) Day 22, 11th
Darnell (@blake__rutledge) Day 22, 10th
Alecia (@disney_survivor18) Day 24, 9th (Jury)
Jenny (@survivor_mini_games) Day 24, Kicked for inactivity, 8th (Jury)
Scot (@ewgy21) Day 27, 7th (Jury)
Nick (@peeelilili) Day 30, 6th (Jury)
Peter (@cheif_neif) Day 32, 5th (Jury)
Debbie (@leyton_r)

Day 34, 4th (Jury)

Liz (@harmonyking1185) Day 37, 3rd (Jury)
Julia (@brigley777) Runner Up
Aubry (@upbeatrockton8) Winner
Person Amount of Idols
Liz 3


Scot 2
Debbie 2
Aubry 0, had extra vote
Darnell 0, had a special advantage which granted him sight of the first time his name was being thrown around

Starting Tribes consisted of the original Brains Brawn and Beauty people from Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

Beauty: Tai, Michele, Julia, Nick, Caleb, Anna

Brains: Peter, Debbie, Liz, Neill, Joe, Aubry

Brawn: Scot, Jayson, Cydney, Jenny, Alecia, Darnell


Additional Info: This game was intended to be a total and utter idol frenzy, although it was a known fact there were at least two idols there wasn't much chatter about them.



Season Two: Survivor Blood v.s Water


Aug 28- October 7th

Contestants: 18

So Kim (@nicole_reality_)

Person (Returnees bold) Day snuffed FOR GOOD and Placement
Kim (@jakecook355) Day 3, Quit, 18th
Baylor (@bigbrothercourtney)

Day 4, 17th

Joe Anglim (@brigley777) Day 13, 16th
Jayson (@guyleesurvivor) Day 13, 15th, for cheating
Nick (@nick_survivor_) Day 13, 14th, for cheating
Scot (@ewgy21) Day 19, 13th (Jury)
Kelley Wentworth (@eve._.yang) Day 20, 12th (Jury)
Shirin (@sans_papyrus_) Day 21, Quit, 11th (Jury)
Peihgee (@kantajing) Day 22, Quit, 10th (Jury)
Tyson (@jay.and.taylor.and.ken) Day 28, 9th (Jury)
Charlie (@realityshowcontests) Day 28, 8th (Jury)
Joeseph (@got_moxie_matey) Day 28, 7th (Jury)
Tyler (@crazedcoreyfan) Day 30, 6th (Jury)
Caleb (@boston.rob_and_caleb) Day 34, 5th (Jury)
Boston Rob (@bostonrob.thehost) Day 37, 4th (Jury)
Benry (@leyton_r) Runner Up, 3rd/2nd 
Andrea (@the_reality_game) Runner Up, 3rd/2nd
So Kim (@nicole_reality_) Winner

Addional Notes:

Player Times Brought Back
Andrea 1
Caleb 2
Tyler 1


Starting Tribes:

Galang: Tyler, Nick, Shirin, Kelley Wentworth, Joeseph, Benry, Joe, Boston Rob, Tyson

Tadhana: Charlie, Scot, So Kim, Peihgee, Baylor, Andrea, Kim, Jayson, Caleb


Person Idols found


Boston Rob 1
Benry 1

Season Three: The Mole


October 11- Present
Contestants 15
Mole Unknown
Winner Undecided

Player Order in which they were executed
Livy (@_.funtime.foxy._) 15th Place

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