• David.t.stokes.3

    The game, at first, starts out with Spongebob asleep in bed. But when he removes his blanket, his bed becomes a hot rod. Spongebob's right hand then suspiciously scoots up to the steering wheel. Then, Spongebob's left hand scoots up to the drive stick. Then, he drives his hot rod right through his living room wall and onto an apparent race track in his front yard. He then hears the voices of Dale and Derrick- the race commentators for the game. He then takes off down the track in the hot rod. After two laps, he celebrates his victory. Then, he takes out his drivers license. But then, when Spongebob wasn't paying attention, Plankton rams into Spongebob, knocking his license right out of his hands. Then, Spongebob goes to get his liecense of…

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