In January 2009, my old coach set up a synchronised skating team which I joined. I'd never tried this version of the sport before, but my time doing professional shows certainly helped. While being able to skate certainly was a prerequisite, there was also the need to be able to know exactly where you should be amongst a group of 15 other skaters on the ice. Precision plays a massive part in synchronised skating; hence the word "synchronised" I guess!

In May the same year we skated in a Gala at Cardiff Ice Rink. Here is a video:

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In the next 2 years we competed in Scottish- and British Championships, as well as International Competitions in Holland and Latvia. 

I quit the team in April 2011 due to increasing university committments. The team are still going strong and were very close to being selected to compete in the World Championships in America earlier this year.

I miss skating with the team and travelling with them; some of them I've known for nearly 20 years so when they competed in the British Championships this year I decided to send them a good luck message over YouTube:

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