Hey Guys,

This is my first blog here on Community Central, but it is very important. Recently I've noticed that many wiki are struggling with fighting. I as an owner tried to stop it, but it just kept coming. Here is what I did to solve the problems:

  • Delete Achievements System- People get all power hungry and want to become staff or just be better than someone else. That leads to spam, greedyness, and banning, and no one wants that.
  • Ban Fighting Users- If a user fights, ban them for a week. I know this sounds cruel, but its what you have to do.
  • Ban Spammers- Just like what I said above, you gotta do it. But with spammers its worse because they may start spamming in really bad ways.
  • Close All Fight Threads- Fighting makes a wiki look really bad so delete all threads left over from a fight just in case someone bumps it onto the Recent Activity Page.
  • Ban All Cyber Bullies In Chat- Chatrooms can have cyber bullies in them, so if there is one ban them for a week to get the point across.

So thats it guys! hope you learned something from that and comment below if you want a blog on any more tips for being an admin!