Hello friends, 

And welcome to DeJank Diaries, the Blogs dedicated to DeJank, by DeJank, for DeJank. Here we will give you an up-close and personal experience of behind-the-scenes action, DeJank in a way you've never seen it before. Today we will be giving you a brief description of our YouTube location, the channel DeJank Dilemas.

DeJank Dilemas is a YouTube show that records people playing videogames. Eventually someone, often Tim, will mess up and yell DeJank in some elaborate manor. This attempts to result in humor. Thus, the basis of the show is now understood. Let us move on to the main players.

The most common person to appear is Tim, the main DeJanker and creater of the term. He is often displayed in front for humor-by-reaction and currently has not comleted any game he has played on DeJank. Tim is quite bad at most video games, resulting in -what else?- DeJank.

The second most common contender is J.T., often formatted JT. He is most commonly staged as a cameraman, and sometimes takes over if Tim is having trouble with the game at hand. His video gaming skills are crucial to the DeJank Team in their quest to "Eat, Drink, and DeJank."

The next member of the DeJank Team is Coleman, an energetic fellow who brings "spunk", as the kids say, to the group. Coleman often is seen either critizing Tim or being critized by Tim. Coleman's skills, also above Tim's, make interesting conflict in multiplayer games and the like.

The place of play, as of late, has exlusively been DeJank Studios, Ltd, the Jate Branch.