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Hello, everyone. Today, I'd like to bring attention to the Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki, which I'm a contributor and admin on. For those of you who do not know what Happy Tree Friends is, it is an internet web series about cute animals that end up dying in horrible ways. If you want to learn more about the show, be sure to also check out the canon wiki, which has info on the show, it's episodes, and characters: happytreefriends.wikia

The show has a large fanbase, and the fanon wikia has over 10,000 pages of content created by fans of the show. Unfortunately, many important members, be it from drama, loss of interest, or other reasons, have left, and the problem is that many of these users are administrators, chatmods, and rollbacks, very important roles on a wiki. Not only is this wiki not getting what I feel is good recognition (many pages have a large amount of effort put in), but the more admins leaving means more work needs to be done.

SO please, whether you check out the show and decide you like it, are already a fan, or want to get enough edits to earn administrative rights, please click on this link to see the Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki: