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The Most Excellent and Finest Avatars!

All right fellow human beings…. We are going to hold a contest to determine Community Central Wiki's Greatest Avatar Image!

So first things first. the rules!


  1. This blog will have people nominating three users' avatar images each in the comments down below.
  2. You CANNOT nominate your own avatar image
  3. You CANNOT nominate your socks' avatar image

Just to give you the general idea of how things will be carried once the nomination phase is complete…..

For the second blog, we shall have a poll listing the users that have been nominated in the comments down below. The top ten users's avatars that win in the second blog shall move on to the third blog of the SEMI-FINAL ROUND.

For the third blog, we shall have a poll listing the top ten users that won in the previous blog. The top three users's avatars that win in the third blog shall move on to the fourth blog of the FINAL ROUND.

The fourth blog shall hold another poll listing the top three users. And the winner of that poll, based on your votes, shall be deemed the WINNER of this contest!

This blog is not my original idea. I was inspired to make this blog by User:Fintin who made a similar blog on fairy tail wiki. So the credit goes to him.

Alright, enough of the talking. LET THE NOMINATIONS BEGIN!

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