Alright, I haven't logged on to wikia for a while which is why I'm late with this. So sorry to all you impatient folks out there.

I like to thank everyone (at least most people) for following the rules. The rules are basically the same as in the first blog: User blog:Defender of Mankind/The Most Excellent and Finest Avatars!

Here's the list of the users that you have nominated in the comments of the previous blog:

  1. User:PrinceKakarotSS3
  2. User:RansomTime
  3. User:Fubuki風吹
  4. User:Eyeless Jane
  5. User:Defender of Mankind (Yeah, I know my avi is the best! :D)
  6. User:Dude Loli
  7. User:MeKo ChAn
  8. User:Pandawarrior
  9. User:Kittynator
  10. User:Thisismyrofl
  11. User:Kariyamasaki12
  12. User:2Actimv
  13. User:URL
  14. User:Miyanlove
  15. User:XGlass_Reflection
  16. User:Ricizubi
  17. User:The_Will_of_Deez
  18. User:Yatalu
  19. User:Fintin
  20. User:DancePowderer
  21. User:The Great Lord David
  22. User:PlasmoidThunder
  24. User:Sactage
  25. User:Rappy 4187
  26. User:Spongebob456
  27. User:Jr Mime
  28. User:Jimbo Wales
  29. User:PlasmaTime
  30. User:TheBen10Mazter

Some of you have been wondering as to why me and User:Godisme share the same avi. The truth is that he and I are actually twin brothers. The DNA tests may not prove this. We are not brothers in blood, but are in soul and heart. "One" is "Us" and "Us" is "One". #TruStory xD

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