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Website Vote 2014 Coming Soon!

Dercus April 14, 2014 User blog:Dercus

Hi, people! I have something new that's coming to this amazing wiki! It's called Website Vote, it's were you vote for different websites. If you want to join you just have to comment below if you do. The vote is not started, the votes are starting tomorrow. Here are some basic rules below.

  • Do not argue if there not voting the website that your voting.
  • You cannot vote twice.
  • You have to be 13+

You can vote these websites below.

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Wikia
  • Miniclip
  • Club Penguin
  • Moshi Monsters
  • Sims
  • Wikipedia
  • Twitch
  • LIvestream
  • Ustream
  • Twitter
  • Omegle

I hope you vote well, bye!

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