hey guys, i just found out that you can actually get the best one-handed sword in skyrim chillrend very easy (make sure you can use dragonshout. and make sure that you have more than 10 lockpicks,cuz there will be two expert locks).

so first you go to riftweald manor which is in riften (you can check on the local map,it suppose to be on the left of the local map of riften) . so when you get there, you try to open the door,but it appears to be locked, so you have to go to the backyard. and lockpick the expert gate, but make sure you are hidden, or the guards will arrest you. when you open the gate and got in his garden, you will see some metal-ish thingy below the flat piece of wood. use you dragonshout at it, and something will come down, so you can get in the room. there should be some bandit in the house, kill them and go down stairs. you can see a wierd closet, open it and you may get underground(watch the traps). keep going untill you see a door, open it and you see a expert lockpicking display case. unlock it and you can see your chillrend.

the damage should be 27 at the first time, keep upgrading it, then you will find it also deals 30 frozen damage and 5 wait oh..... i forgot. never mind. hope you enjoy.