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  • Devilmanozzy

    As noted in the Introducing WAM blog in the comments, wikia removed from all wikis Special:PopularPages which previous to that was Special:Mostvisitedpages.

    A WikiFactor number is a determined number from a list made by usually "Special:PopularPages" and it factors two things: the count of pages, meeting up with page views in 1,000 counts. The example screen cap from Shmups Wiki shows that the number is at the 3rd(Article: "Commodore 64") from the top being "4,048 views" while the 4th article ("Otomedius Excellent Weapon Locations") has "3,758 views" which means its a wikiFactor of 3 or shorthand noted as "wF 3".

    So here is a table:

    Highest view count Article Total View Counts for Article wikiFactor Number
    1. 1000 or above wF 1
    2. 2000 or above w…

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  • Devilmanozzy

    "Read this"

    Now... If Wikipedia decides on a strike, my question is, can Wikia or wikis also do the same? How do editors at the wikis feel about this? How do wikia staff feel about this?

    I motion wikia to consider letting wikis on its network be a part of this strike. Also, come up with a way to give a time period for wikis to elect to strike with wikipedia. I think wikia much like other wiki farms have a lot at stake if SOPA passes. Thanks for your time. Please comment below if you care as much as I do.

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  • Devilmanozzy

    Oh the irony I know, but I'm finding that visitors are not seeing the "View Photo Details" icon on pages. I think the icon is just too light and faded, and any wiki that uses a light gray background find it hard to see the icon. I am suggest that among the tech changes, they change the icon to a darker variant.

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  • Devilmanozzy

    Many times my blogs are aimed at beginners and starting out projects. But this blog is about when you may have hit the wall, and you may want to take a break.

    Lets face it, if you edit more than 4 hours a day and do other none wiki activities such as school/work/childcare (stay at home mom), you get stressed more. Now I know that many of us came to Wikia enjoying a subject and writing about it almost non-stop. But have you had any heated arguments online or at home after a long day? Sometimes it may seem silly to blame building a wiki on your issues, and that is not what I'm suggesting here. But a break can help, especially if you been here for years.

    With most wikis around, you have fellow editors that can pick up the slack. Take a break. I…

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  • Devilmanozzy

    I found today that much of Ghostbusters Wiki's content in book form on Amazon, and so are many other wikis: Amazon: "Source: Wikia"

    The question first on my mind is, "Is this legal?". Second, if it is, can Wikia cut me a deal on books based on Ghostbusters Wiki?! lol

    There are 15 books for Ghostbusters Wiki by the way... (Link)

    I think some of the wikis out there, may have legal issues to address before doing this.

    Updated November 2, 2011 at 11:38 Jenburton answered the concern in comments. Copy and pasted from here:

    "Hey all -

    First, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I want to make absolutely clear that we (Wikia) are not the publishers of these "books". As shown on the Amazon detail pages, we are listed as the source, but the publisher…

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