I found today that much of Ghostbusters Wiki's content in book form on Amazon, and so are many other wikis: Amazon: "Source: Wikia"

The question first on my mind is, "Is this legal?". Second, if it is, can Wikia cut me a deal on books based on Ghostbusters Wiki?! lol

There are 15 books for Ghostbusters Wiki by the way... (Link)

I think some of the wikis out there, may have legal issues to address before doing this.

Updated November 2, 2011 at 11:38 Jenburton answered the concern in comments. Copy and pasted from here:

"Hey all -

First, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I want to make absolutely clear that we (Wikia) are not the publishers of these "books". As shown on the Amazon detail pages, we are listed as the source, but the publisher is a firm called "Books, LLC" (see more info about them here:

Unfortunately, they are within the terms of the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, which allows distribution and includes sale of the works (they define "distribute" in the following terms: "Distribute" means to make available to the public the original and copies of the Work or Adaptation, as appropriate, through sale or other transfer of ownership."). Here's the full license text:

To be clear: Wikia is not involved in these listings. Books, LLC has made a business out of printing, binding and selling Wikipedia content and has now taken to doing the same with the content here on Wikia.

We've ordered a copy of one of these "books" to verify that work is properly attributed (that the relevant URLs are included).

Clarification: By "proper attribution" we'll be looking to ensure that the published work includes the direct URL to the source material." (User:Jenburton)