Sure Wikia provides the tools and means to do it, but after that its up to you. Too many wikis are made under the false assumption that people will flock there and build it up. More than likely..... no.

Truth be told, you should seriously research before starting up a wiki. First of all, look for other wikis on the subject or a relating subject or sites that may cover the same niche. While you may be the only "wiki" on it if made, that doesn't mean your the only game in town.

Second, if you think you still want to start a wiki, plan out starting one before doing it. Your going to need both a way to get images (hopefully you took) and maybe even a way to edit images too. Then there is the time consuming adding written content. Also, you should have a planned category system for articles that everyone can understand.

After that, then the real fun begins, you need to go to wikia and "Start a wiki" for which you should also have the url name planned (short is good) and the actual name of the wiki (short as well). Skip making articles at the start up and then when the wiki is made edit the "MediaWiki:Newpagelayout" and set it up with the way you want the pages to look. After that build a good 25 articles in and make sure to get all important categories started. Make a front page anyone can find the important articles from, and hit the "Wiki name:About" and "Wiki name:Community Portal" and make them. Then use the Theme Designer and upload a Wordmark, background image, and make the colors interesting.

Next you should ask around and see if anyone else want to play a part. This is after all the above is done as people have to believe you are serious before even thinking of editing there.

One more thing, don't protect articles. The last thing you want to do is stop people from editing.

Anyways, I hope my advise helps someone out there.