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How can the Blog feature be improved?

There has been some talk lately that the blogs have became spam filled jokes (Noted to a degree by my friend BulldozerD11 on his blog "Welcome to the Wikia (Blog) Spam Zone"), and so I feel its time to talk about making the blog feature better.

Here's some of my ideas:

  • Set up the blogs so they have a 30 day expiration date like the forum. Then no more comments can be made.
  • Set up a comment limit per day or hour so people can't spam the blog (it'd help especially with wikia helper blogs).
  • Set up rules on what should be permitted on blogs or what is expected.
  • (For local Wikis)Set up a comment controller like the first idea and let the admins decide how long comments can be made.

Anyways, I am sure people out there have more ideas as well, so please share.

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